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Frequently asked questions

What's Nerd Challenges?
We're just a group of nerds who love to test our knowledge and push ourselves through the use of challenges. This is referred to as Challenge-Based Learning (CBL). You can learn more about it on Wikipedia if you're interested in learning more.
What do you need my email for?
We use emails to maintain a list of all the people who are interested in building their technical and fitness skills through challenges. We typically send out an email monthly with different challenges. You can unsubscribe at any time, and we never sell your data to anyone.
Does it cost me anything?
Nope! We're a community of people, so there's no charge for the tips we send out. We like helping people learn new things! Occasionally, we may send you information about a book, course, nutrition plan, etc. that we think is good, which costs money; but you aren't obligated to buy it of course.
Who runs Nerd Challenges?
We're a community of many people who all contribute different things. However, the Founder(s) of are @RReid, @CJGerena, @KelQuarles
Is it just the emails or is there more?
We've just started building a community on Discord. Feel free to join us there! If you have some challenges you'd like to share and include them in one of our emails, just let us know and we'll review it!
What courses does Nerd Challenges currently have?
We currently have a GatsbyJS Course, written by @CJGerena. You can check it out on We also have a course on Linux Bash Scripting by @RicardoReid, it is also available on